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Rotatable 1080P camera microware monitoring parking system

6-21-2017 Wanma

Attention! This innovation is a method which can effectively monitor the abnormal scrape/crash of vehicle both inside and outside when parking, and the product is configured with automatic rotating camera and front and rear dual-mode moving object sensing!
This is a subversive driving recorder with the monitor function when parking. The previous highly published functions, such as driving recorder starting while driving, front and rear shooting, video file locking by gravity of crash, seamless loop recording and auto-induction recording of gravity of crash when parking for 24 hours, are only the standard configuration for Manma RM6 Parking Monitoring Night Vision Recorder.
Configured with multi-angle auto-rotating camera, it can monitor recorded the vehicle both inside and outside. RM6 starts left-right rotating camera automatically and the front auto-rotating camera will shoot 360°. When abnormal people/object gets close to the car, the auto-rotating camera will also start.
The greatest difference between this monitor “monster” and the previous recorders lies in the automatic multi-angle rotatable camera, which not only can shoot clear outside scene of the vehicle, but also can record the inside view clearly and thoroughly.
The angle of the camera, wider is better? Then, Rui Zhun RM6, the automatic 360° rotatable camera is worthy of the name of monitor “monster”?
What needs special mention is, the previous product need to be on all the time to detect suspicious moving people/object through optical sensor, but RM6 is the first one equipped with a dual-mode moving object sensor. The accuracy of sensor is more reliable and it is more energy efficient and the power consumption is lower for 24-hour monitoring when parking.
Rotatable camera offers you a clear and beautiful scene outside the vehicle;
Rotatable camera offers you a complete scene inside the vehicle;
Rotatable camera offers you a smart and safe experience.
The innovative object sensing is configured with front and rear dual-mode object sensor. It can sense and detect the object of vehicle both outside and inside to form an invisible “protective casing”, in order to take care of your parking safety comprehensively.
Through careful researches and studies, Wanma research team designs the sensing distance of RM6 as 0.1 meter to 4 meter to take care of your parking safety comprehensively, while it also can avoid unexpectedly or frequently trigger of the sensor for object which is too far or unrelated, to achieve the objective of lower power consumption and energy conservation. And the front sensor is equipped with adjustable sensitivity switch for users to choose high or low sensitivity. Users can switch off the object module detection individually by the design of its independent switch button.
HD Star Light Night Vision, an outstanding driving recorder, such as M6, is must be equipped with. Even the light is extremely poor, it can record clearly to achieve the objective of “beyond what you see and see what you’ve never seen” (notes: at present, the entire auto electrical industry has not yet realized the “night vision without light totally” function. Therefore, Rui Zhun calls the HD video recorded under very poor light as “HD Star Light Night Vision”.)
From the innovative design of full curved screen to the first publishing of RM6 parking microwave monitoring 360° night vision recorder, with the urgently need of innovative product of the industry, the publication of RM6 is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the entire industry, whose future is very bright!

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