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2017 spring new product release conference of Wanma Corporation is successfully held: Wanma X9i large variety auto display screen is officially released

15-02-2017 WanMa Stock

On February 15, 2017, 2017 spring new product release conference was successfully held in Wanma Corporation Enterprise Park. Some senior leaders of Wanma Corporation, relevant person in charge of Market Department and related technical experts from Technical Department attended the conference. The participating guests also include cooperative partners of Wanma Corporation from across the country and representatives of practitioners in automobile electronic industry.

Mr. Jiang Shengyan, General Manager of Wanma Corporation, delivered the speech first. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the guests participating in the new product release conference and reviewed the performance of Wanma Corporation and the whole automobile electronic industry in 2016.

Mr. Jiang Shengyan especially emphasized, in future, excellent products together with fine technology and good brand operating mode will be the only effective weapon to win the market. What terrifies us most is not the cruel competition but product without innovation.

Later, in the “face-to-face talkfest” presided over by Mr. Jiang Baichuan, Deputy General Manager of Wanma Corporation, the guests participating in the conference spoke their mind freely. Some of them expressed their love and thanks to products of Wanma, some put forth the technical or product problems encountered while others conveyed the aspiration of front-line users and their expectation for Wanma Corporation and products in future. Some technical experts of Wanma Corporation and marketing managers of Market Department also took part in the discussion of this link. The atmosphere is enthusiastic.

Talent training is the cornerstone for development of an enterprise in future. Wanma Corporation has always insisted on introducing talents, retaining talents, providing high quality development and promotion platform for staff, and enabling staff and the enterprise develop together.

Mr. Jiang Shengyan, General Manager, and Mr. Jiang Baichuan, Deputy General Manager of Wanma Corporation introduced the staff representatives of Market Department, R&D Department, Commerce Department, E-commerce Department and so on of the Corporation.

Then, Mr. Jiang Shengyan, General Manager and Chief Engineer of Wanma Corporation officially unveiled the mysterious veil of the first product in this new product release conference- Wanma X9i large variety auto display screen to guests.

Ruizhun X9i equipped with full view IPS large screen got the exclaim of guests upon its appearance: the smooth 4G network configuration, fluent system experience, IPS large screen display with excellent touch and visual effect…

Every innovation could reflect the satisfaction brought by the designer of such large variety auto display screen to users.

Both the frame and rear cover of X9i are designed with aluminum alloy, which not only provide better heat dissipation performance, but also make the whole frame look finer, more elegant and very beautiful.      

The new AI Speech engine configuration offers better human-computer interaction experience for Ruizhun X9i.

The customized AMAP auto version will bring more excellent navigation function and people-oriented service such as avoiding heavy-traffic section for Ruizhun X9i.  

X9i large variety auto display screen supporting the function such as HD 3D omni-directional vision access, tire pressure monitoring, automobile data recorder and HD video rearview system strengthens its performance and make it look extraordinary.

The entire auto display screen looks beautiful, pragmatic, simple and elegant, and draws much applause.[About more detailed information about X9i large variety auto display screen, the editor will make special report later]

The second product unveiled by Mr. Jiang Shengyan to guests is Ruizhun GT1 solar energy GPS tire pressure monitoring system with solar energy charging, GPS speed warning and tire pressure monitoring function.

This new product with “safety, preciseness and energy conservation” as main design idea adopts solar energy as supply source and also has built-in polymer battery at the same time.  

This kind of new solar energy GPS tire pressure monitoring device integrates GPS speeding warning and tire pressure monitoring in a pioneering manner and make it have multiple purposes, which represent the innovation and pioneering courage and resolution of Ruizhun people.

In the aspect of configuration, the second generation of Freescale quick-start chip, imported valve core and Sony battery for sensor reflect the sincerity and thoughtfulness of the designer in all aspects.

More excellent technology and configuration result in extraordinary performance of Ruizhun GT1. Comparing with common tire pressure monitoring devices, this kind of solar energy GPS tire pressure monitoring device has greatly improved overall response speed and could provide accurate tire pressure and temperature data for drivers in a quicker and more timely manner as important reference for driving and offer protection for safer driving of drivers.

Ruizhun RD9 is the third product released this time. This kind of GPS cloud voice warning indicator is equipped with remarkable WM12 generation of digital fixed frequency radar, which does not only have high sensitivity and is more accurate and provide less misinformation, but enable drivers to share drunk drinking inspection station. The data of speed measurement point could detect the new MTR speed measurement radar (offset frequency short wave).

Dual MUC processor and completely new MMIC chip configuration strengthen the performance of this cloud voice warning indicator product. It can offer better positioning, satellite searching and intelligent filtering and anti-interference effect.  

Ruizhun RD9 is also regarded as the “best” work worthy of its name in GPS cloud voice warning indicator field.

The fourth product released this time is Ruizhun HD 360℃ panoramic parking recording system. This product adopts four-path 720P HD lens and built-in Haisi  360℃ seamless splicing chip, which does not only achieve seamless splicing, insufficient voltage protection and automatic repeated recording, but can also offer accurate parking and driving path and have 3D panoramic view. It is more practical, more convenient and more beautiful.  

In real machine experience link, every display stand is crowded with people giving applause from time to time. Lots of contracts are signed on site.   

This new product release conference is regarded as the new product release ceremony with lots of highlights following “tens of thousands people conference” of Ruizhun held on June 17. Many new technologies and products that fill the blank stage of the industry now are released in this conference, which shows us the courage and resolution of Ruizhun Corporation to fulfill the solemn commitment of “making your drive with safety” with better products.
This kind of convenient and efficient face-to-face talk and communication is to attain one aim: keep paying attention to market trend, expand overall market share of Ruizhun brand, and realize the triple-win of Ruizhun Corporation, cooperative partners and users in a comprehensive manner with more sophisticated products and advanced technologies.



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