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2018 Beijing Exhibition

March 3rd-6th, 2018 WANMA

At the invitation of the relevant organizing committee, Dongguan Wanma Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. accompanied by its CheLiY brand participated in the 26th China International Auto-electronics, Accessories,tuning and Car-care products Expo (CIAACE) on March 3rd-6th in Beijing. "(hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Exhibition", the same below).
The following is the report on the first day of the 2018 Beijing Exhibition on March 3rd!


Mr. Jiang , general manager of Wanma Share, took part in the “Post-China Market Trends Press Conference & CIAACE2018 Press Conference” as a special guest, and introduced the Company's show in this exhibition to the audience and media friends, with a strong emphasis on that, as a popular and emerging automotive electronic product, streaming rearview mirrors do need corresponding product standards and industry standards to ensure their healthy and orderly development.

Mr. Jiang said that a good product should not only withstand the test of the market, but also should be able to better serve every end user and be responsible to the majority of users.
Wanma Share - CheLiY, led by Mr. Jiang, general manager of the Company, has exhibited at the booth, which has become the utter focus of this event. The guests of Wanma Share who participated in this grand meeting also included: senior executives of Wanma Share, relevant responsible persons of CheLiY brand Marketing Department, and relevant technical experts of Wanma Share Technical Department.
At the exhibition site, Mr. Jiang also received an exclusive interview with well-known media such as Beijing TV Station and Auto Home. He introduced the products of CheLiY brand and the new retail model of CheLiY to the media friends.
On the first day of the exhibition, many blockbuster products under the CheLiY brand including CheLiY X9, CheLiY G4 and CheLiY RM5/RM6 unveiled their secrets to the visiting guests.
CheLiY X9 Four-channel Streaming Intelligent Driving Auxiliary Terminal is a brand new four-channel streaming media product created by Wanma Share. It aims to provide drivers with larger and clearer steering angles, rear view angles and more refined driving safety auxiliary function, which is praised as the classic work of automotive streaming media products. The CheLiY X9 four-channel streaming cloud mirror products, characterized by its sleek and elegant model and fashionable design, is a flagship masterpiece for the mass market, with its high-level practicality and aesthetics.
The CheLiY G4 is a brand-new product that is equipped with both a charging function and a wireless router function. Users can not only charge the phone, but also can connect to the wireless router to get wireless WiFi. It is equipped with a new upgraded version of MiFi and 4G network of Telecommunications, which will bring you a very smooth network surfing.
In particular, this is a product that can bring direct benefits to the owner, a money-making charging power bank and wireless router. When the mobile phone needs to connect to the free WiFi of the G4 product, it can be used simply by follow on the WeChat advertisement. The G4 owners can get reasonable advertising profits by clicking on the ads they follow on. The more people who use the internet, the faster they can make money,  which neglects neither making money nor surfing the Internet.
The CheLiY M5/M6 is another highlight of this exhibition. As the second generation of automatic rotation monitoring recorder products, its 5-inch IPS full-view high-definition touch screen and new upgraded version of the object sensor appear to be attractive to the users; the front-facing camera1080P night vision HD auto-rotating lens and the practical combination that supports front-facing and back-facing cameras will bring you a better auxiliary monitoring experience. In addition, the biggest highlight of the CheLiY M5/M6 products released at the exhibition is that the device comes with a 2000mA battery and can be free from complicated wiring installation, which will not only facilitate the installation, but will also effectively increase the endurance of parking aid monitoring, and at the same time will not cause a load on the car battery.
For more details on this exhibition's exquisite products, the author will make more detailed reports for everyone in the future.
On the first day of the 2018 “Beijing Exhibition”, a number of heavyweight products of Wanma Share were exhibited. The number of visitors to the exhibition was large. Some of the visiting guests experienced new products at the exhibition stand, and some experienced the real machine’s shocking experience in the car, which is indeed an exceptionally grand occasion. This convenient and efficient face-to-face negotiating and communication has only one purpose: to keep an eye on the market trends, expand the overall market share of Wanma Share, and achieve a triple-win with its partners and users by its high-grade products and advanced technology.
In addition, March 3rd was the first day of the exhibition, and at the same time, there was also a "Grand Ceremony of Innovation Program & Opening Dinner for CIAACE2018 " titled by Wanma Share was held on that evening. With regard to the grand occasion of the ceremony and the second day of the 2018 Beijing Exhibition, the author will offer it to everyone in the next report. Welcome everyone to pay a continuous attention!
2018 Beijing Exhibition is in progress. We warmly welcome new and old customers to visit and experience!
Time: March 3-6, 2018
Venue:China International Exhibition Center,  Beijing
Booth Number: E1A15 Booth Number: E1A15

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