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Grand Ceremony of Innovation Program & Opening Dinner for CIAACE2018

March 3th, 2018 WANMA

The "Grand Ceremony of Innovation Program & Opening Dinner for CIAACE2018 " titled by Wanma Share was held in Beijing on the evening of March 3.

The dinner was opened in the performance of the Peking Opera. With the beautiful lighting, the splendid dancing effect, and the superb performance of the performers, we welcomed the applause of the visiting guests.


Mr. Jiang was invited as one of the invited guests to the rostrum to cheer with the guests present. At the scene of this dinner, CheLiY together with new retail model was formally and thoroughly released, which caused a strong sensation on the scene!

Mr. Jiang first stated that the “new” model of the new business model in the CheLiY Mall is changing from the simple relationship of the wholesale relationship of the products and services with the partners to the “Concern for Terminal Shop”, which creates more favorable online and offline channels, and provides a bigger and more expensive arena to increase sales of terminal shops.
Mr. Jiang added that, the new model of CheLiY aims to open up online and offline channels for the terminal shops to attract customers, retain customers and conclude deals, and to develop more customers on a larger scale is the most fundamental starting point. When talking about the definition of CheLiY Mall, Mr. Jiang stated that the CheLiY Mall are supported by the car industry, taking the automotive electronics products that are highly competitive in the market as the mainstay, with mini apps marketing, physical stores marketing, e-commerce operations as ways of sales and operations, by which, you can search (nearby) mini apps to directly browse the mall, and further achieve the nearby marketing, nearby service and rapid transactions. CheLiY Mall adopts member-distribution management, which is characterized by localization, high efficiency, fissionability and other features.
Thanks to strong market development capabilities and product innovation capabilities, Wanma Share won the "New Profit Project Award" and "Innovation Product Award" in this year's Innovation Program - Post-market Automotive Innovation Competition.


Mr. Li Dong, Sales Director of CheLiY Brand, received the award as the representative of Wanma Share.
In the past year, Wanma Share has not only achieved more than one industry achievement in product research and development, but also achieved remarkable achievements in brand operations, product research and development, and new technology breakthroughs.
The RD9 product continues to be a hot seller, and the VD188 product is available for sale. From comprehensive transformation in product R&D, brand promotion and marketing strategies, to the release of CheLiY M5/M6 smart terminal equipment - parking monitoring night vision recorders which continued to be a hot phenomenon, and then to the hot sales of four categories of multimedia streaming products, Wanma Share always steps forwards steadily, boldly and confidently.
For more than a decade of development, Wanma Share has always maintained a heart of learning, awe, gratitude and a sense of social responsibility,  which, through its own efforts, creates numerous amazing miracles, and  makes unremitting efforts for the majority of riders to have a safer and more comfortable journey. In terms of product superiority, brand awareness, industry influence, and market development power, Wanma Share’s awards at this grand event are well deserved.


Afterwards, Mr. Jiang also presented the prize for the representatives of China's quality service providers as a guest of honor and took a group photo with the prize-winners. (Reprinted from Tencent video and copyright belongs to the original author)

On March 4th, 2018, Beijing Satellite TV's Program - "Good Morning, Beijing"  reported on this Beijing Exhibition 2018,  wherein, the four-channel streaming media products under the CheLiY brand have been reported by Beijing Satellite TV as a new high-grade technological achievement. Mr. Jiang, the leader of the company Wanma Share, also received an exclusive interview with Beijing Satellite TV. This is not the first time that Wanma Share have been reported by the provincial TV station.
The "Craftsman" spirit of excellence is the corporate creed that staffers of Wanma Share has always abide by. After accumulating hard work and courage, with profound technical precipitation and accumulation of manufacturing processes, the four-channel streaming media and other heavyweight products under CheLiY have now been sold publicly. The sales volume is gratifying, which undoubtedly plays another role of "Booster" in the entire automotive electronics industry.

2018, for Wanma Share and for CheLiY is still just a start. All glory is an affirmation of the past and a spur to the future. We also believe that Wanma Share and CheLiY brand will certainly create more and more outstanding splendor and excitement in the coming 2018!
Beijing Satellite TV reported on Wanma Share:
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