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TG1 Solar GPS Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Make Driving Safer!

02-17-2017 WanMa Stock

In WanMa 2017 Spring New Product Launch held in February 15, 2017, WanMa TG1 solar GPS tire pressure monitoring system was published in real form.


Adopting solar power and with built-in polymer battery, WanMa TG1 can more effectively ensure the continuity, environmental protection and circulation of power supply of the whole equipment.


In terms of configuration, Freescale second-generation quick start chip, imported value core and sensor with SONY battery all show the sincerity of designer.


In terms of function, WanMa TG1 not only supports accurate tire pressure monitoring, but also supports GPS speed measurement warning. The integrating innovation in function makes a utility model with multiple functions become possible. WanMa TG1 may be the first equipment with the above two functions in the industry, which has a remarkable pioneering significance.


In terms of appearance, with directly power supply of solar power, WanMa TG1 releases the control of wire and wireless reception makes a more concise and easier placement. With an exquisite and flexible shape and placed in the vehicle, WanMa TG1 can be called both an artwork with a sense of technology and science and a beautiful decoration.


More excellent technology and configuration make WanMa TG1 more excellent performance. Compared with that of current common tire pressure monitoring equipment, the overall response speed of solar GPS tire pressure monitoring equipment will improve greatly, so as to provide accurate  tire pressure and tire temperature data more quickly and timely for drivers as important driving reference, which ensures safer driving for drivers.

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