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Tire Pressure-TG1

Model Specification
Specs range Screen G-sensor
TG1 Working frequency 433.92MHz±15KHz 433.92MHz±15KHz
Working Voltage

Bettery: 3.7V
Power line:5V

Working Current Static mode ≦2mA Instantaneous model≦120mA Static mode≦0.5uA Instantaneous model≦8.7mA
Temperature -30~80℃ -40~125℃
Monitoring pressure range 0~8.0Bar 0~8.0Bar
Precision ±0.03Bar ±0.03Bar
Large torque 4N.m  
Speaker 1.5W  
Device size L88.61XW94.41XH35.8mm


● GPS prompter, overspeed assistant prompter
● Freescale second-generation quick start chip
● Imported value core, SONY battery
● Solar power supply, wireless/ installation without damage (simple/ free placement)
● Tire pressure and tire temperature of four wheels displayed at one time, auto backlight adjustment
● Auto On & Off, Energy Efficient Sleeping
● (Selection) support Micro USB/DC5V charging

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