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‘Wuhan Exhibition’ is in hot opening, RM6 detonated the audience!

June 16,2017. ‘2017 The 15th China (Wuhan) International Automobile Service Industry Expo and the 3rd China (Wuhan) International Automobile Upgrade and Refurbishment Exhibition’(Wuhan Exhibition for short ,the same below) is solemnly opening in Jiangcheng Wuhan. Wanma as one of the invited exhibitors carrying its variety of competitive products including M6 Parking microwave monitoring 360 degree night vision recorder(Parking microwave monitoring night vision recorder for short ,the same below) in the 'Wuhan Exhibition’!
The exhibition booth of Ruizhun which is led by Mr. Jiang Shengyan the general manager of Wanma himself, became the focus of all attention in the exhibition. The guests of Wanma that participate the exhibition including: Some of the senior stuff, the responsible persons of each sales regions of Wanma Market department, related technical experts in Wanma Research and development department and so on.
RM6 becomes the focus of scene
The appearance of RM6 is one of the biggest highlights in the ‘Wuhan Exhibition’.
Multi-angle automatic rotatable camera, inside and outside monitoring and shooting. After starting , RM6  auto-start multi-angle rotatable camera, the front automatic rotatable camera shoots 360 degrees. When the vehicle encounters the approaching of abnormal person / thing, the automatic rotatable camera will also initiate to record.
The innovative object sensing is configured with front and rear dual-mode object sensor. It can sense and detect the object of vehicle both outside and inside to form an invisible “protective casing”, in order to take care of your parking safety comprehensively.
HD Star Light Night Vision technique,Even the light is extremely poor, it can record clearly to achieve the objective of ‘beyond what you see and see what you’ve never seen’. And all attracted the scene for wonderment.
At present, RM6 has completed all the test and come into the mass production stage! To the fellow who is  long-awaited for this car monitoring ‘Monster’, the real machine is coming soon!
A number of black technology products on display
10 inches media rear mirror, laser velocity measurement Cloud sharing electronic dog,HD animation 3D panoramic parking assist system and so on are all exhibited in Wanma booth position in the Wuhan Exhibition.
The general manager of Wanma Mr.Jiang Shengyan personally introduced a number of new masterpieces of Ruihuai to the guests on site, from lens materials , camera lens configurations to the carry of the legendary black technology, all things are introduced with details.
Wanma product innovation is recognized by the users
Just like what Mr.Jiang Shengyan advocated: Wanma is not only research ,development and manufacturing Vehicle intelligent equipment, but also the safer and better car-use habits that the drivers get through the prompt and corrections of the Wanma intelligent device, to reduce the incidence of accidents. This is also the direction and goal of Ruizhun.
In the exhibition, the writer has witnessed a number of buyers group members made a special trip from all over the country to the Ruizhun brand booth in the ‘Wuhan Exhibition’, to field experience the product of Ruizhun.
Mr.Liu who comes from Anhui, knew RM6 through the media report, made a special trip to the exhibition site to acquaintance and experience the product. As owner of two car decorating specialty stores, Liu has deep feelings.
Liu introduced that before the appearance of RM6, a lot of vehicle friends came to the store to ask whether there were good parking monitoring on both inside and outside of the vehicle. It is best to carry object sensors, for it saves more power. And it will be better if the price is affordable.
‘We thought the monitoring on both inside and outside was a big demand point,’ said by Liu ‘so ,we contacted some friends of modification, and made field test to the inside monitoring, such as how many cameras were suitable inside to monitor both inside and outside , and where was the specific location to set the camera. However, after the test, there was the result, but it was accompanied by the extremely high cost of material, design and customization,so we gave it up. A few days ago when I first met the promotional video of RM6, I felt that this kind of product met my expectations well, so I came here to personally experience the product, some details of this product even beyond my imagination. And according to the introduce from the market department staff of Wanma , the combination price and retail price are affordable.
The product hits we owners and users’ demands, I like and approve it very much.
The ‘Wuhan Exhibition’ , Ruizhun brand not only brought a new product, but also brought a lot of exciting agent support policy. At the same time, enhanced the feelings between Wanma and visiting guests, expanding the breadth of cooperation and cooperation depth.
There is only one purpose for such convenient, highly-efficient face to face communication: Keep an eye on market trends, expand Ruizhun brand overall market share, so that fully implemented of Wanma, partners and users tripartite win-win by more scanlogic products and advanced technology.

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